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International Conference: The Future of Education

13.06.13 - 14.06.13
Grand Hotel Mediterraneo
Lungarno del Tempio, 44
50121 Florenz
Attendance fee:
EUR 200 - EUR 400

The international conference 'The Future of Education' will be taking place for the third time this year. It will be held in Florence, Italy, and is organised by Florentine training institution Pixel. The focus is on transnational cooperation and the exchange of good practice and innovations in the field of education, e.g. media education, innovative teaching and learning methodologies, learning games and second language acquisition. A major point in the programme is a round table on prevention of early school leaving.

The registration deadline is the 10th of June. Depending on the date and type of the registration the conference fee lies between 200 and 400 Euros, click here for more details. The Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, where the conference takes place, will also serve as accommodation for participants.

The conference is listed in the training database of the European Lifelon Learning programme (Comenius/Grundtvig). It is possible to act as a sponsor of the event. The conference will be held in English.

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