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ONE Conference Brussels 2014

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Das Konsortium des Projekts ONE
Seminar leader:
Stephanie Podlewski (MFG)
Tel: +49 711 90715-372

The European project Observatory Network to ICT Enhance Structural Funds Absorbtion, short ONE, aims at improving regional capacity for planning investments in information and communication technologies (ICT) through setting up of a network of regional ‘observatories’. The results, their future use and a outlook will be discussed with multipliers and stakeholders at the ONE Conference Brussels 2014 at April 24th, 2014.

In the context of the project ONE ICT observatories were employed in Poland, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, UK, France and Cyprus to enhance the conditions within their innovation frameworks by documenting ICT penetration processes, making data available to relevant public and private stakeholders, and helping with evaluation of ICT initiatives. By this ONE takes action to enable decision-makers to make informed choices about ICT investments based on ex-ante and ex-post analyses of their territories.

At the ONE conference Brussels 2014 not only experiences and best practices of the project but also the importantce of new ICT projects on European level will be discussed. Therefore the confortium ivites interested people to send their contributions. For more information and the call for papers please cklick here.

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