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Job research on the web

Name of institutionBibliothèque publique dinformation (Centre Pompidou Paris)
Contact personMarie Payet marie.payet@bpi.fr
Topic / Title of the courseJob research on the web
Number of sessions10 (single sessions)
Duration of a single session (in minutes)150
Duration of the whole courseStart date: march 2013,End date: december 2014
Day/days of the weekOne thursday in the month
Place of the courseLibrary workshop
What was the success factor to attract this unusual target group?The library has a great number of users who are interested in this type of workshop.
The number of the participants at the beginning of the course10 persons can attend the workshop / but regularly there is a bigger demand than the number of places we can offer
Dissemination of the coursevocal annoucements
What do you judge as most relevant factor for the success of the course?analysis in progress
What do you judge as most relevant factor for the failure of the course?analysis in progress
The content of the coursejob research on the web